Covid-19 Risk Assessment

At The Village Church Formby we take your safety very seriously. The outbreak of Covid-19 has had a profound impact on life and worship all over the world. Adjusting to a "new normal" is not easy, however, our church has done all that it can to provide a "covid secure" facility. This means that while you worship with us at your own risk, measures have been taken in accordance with government guidelines and counsel from the FIEC. Below you can read a letter from our Full-Time Elder Tim Lister, and download our risk assessment document.

Greetings Friends,


I am so excited to announce that after four months the time has finally come for The Village Church Formby to reopen its doors to the public for worship services! My heart has been grieved each Sunday that we have been closed, and while I fully understand and support the reason behind our closure, I have missed you all terribly. 


This Sunday (26th July) at 10:30am will be our first worship service back in our building. You are most welcome to join us, and we would love to see you there. 


However, before then, there are a few things that I would like to make you aware of. 


A risk assessment has now been completed and independently reviewed. This risk assessment is available for you to look over at I would encourage you to at least be aware of this document. It very carefully takes into account all government advice regarding the safe reopening of a place of worship, and it heeds the further guidelines of FIEC and other similar faith communities who have piled resources into this area.


Our service on Sunday will look quite different to what you are used to. 


Firstly, we will not all be there. If you are shielding or over the age of 70 the government advice remains that you stay away from public gatherings, including church services. While we will not and cannot force you to stay away, and the risk is your own, we do strongly recommend following the government guidelines in this area, and would respectfully ask you to stay at home if you fall into one of these categories.


Secondly, there will be a process to entering the church building. You must undergo a verbal check with a member of our Welcome Team to ensure that you are not symptomatic, or that you have not been in contact with someone who is for the previous two weeks. You are then required by law to provide us with contact details for the sole purpose of track and trace in the event of an outbreak. You must then make use of one of our sanitation stations when you enter the building. 


Thirdly, the service will look different too. Children must remain with their parent or guardian at all times, including when they use the toilet, and there will not be Sunday School. We are not permitted to sing during the service and those leading from the front will be wearing face visors to minimise the potential for “droplets” to be dispersed. You will be ushered to a seat, which will have a 2 meter social distance from other attendees, and you will be informed when you may leave to reduce the risk of crowding when you leave the premisses. Additionally parts of the building will be off limits to reduce possible spread. We encourage everyone to use their own toilet facilities before attending church. If you do need to use our facilities someone at the Welcome Table will explain to you how to do so safely. 


Yes, things will be different for quite a while at our Sunday services. However, I can assure you that great lengths have been taken to ensure your safety, none the less you will be attending at your own risk. This will be inconvenient and further details will be given to you when you join with us. Despite this inconvenience we firmly believe that there is much to be gained from meeting together again. It is God’s will and intention that his church should function in a community and that we should fellowship together whenever possible. We are very excited to be back! 


With the reinstitution of our Sunday worship services some other things are changing too. Our Sunday morning Zoom call will now be moved to Sunday evening at 6:30pm. If you are not able to join us in person, I would strongly encourage you to join with us virtually at this highly encouraging and uplifting meeting.


Additionally, our church building will remain closed at all other times for public events. This is by far the best way to ensure public safety as it allows 72 hours both before and after the service when no one enters the main hall of the building. This does mean that exciting ministries like Mid-Week Meals will not be returning any time soon. As such please do continue to pray for the ongoing impact of our church in the community during this time. Other regular meetings will continue as they have done throughout lockdown. So you are encouraged to join us each Tuesday at 10:30 for prayer and Wednesday at 10:30 for Bible Study - both again done via Zoom. All services will still be recorded and made available on our Faithlife page. It’s our hope that no one should miss out throughout this transitional period. 


If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


See you Sunday! 

Yours In Christ,

Tim Lister

The Village Church Formby Risk Assessment